Help and Advice

A few notes of help and advice for local riders.

Sam Cosmos

Find a route to ride in your area - BHS Ridemaps provide a location map of horse riding routes intended to inspire you to explore new countryside with your horse.

A link to the British Horse Society website can be found at Ridemaps here.

Horse Riding is an active and  pleasurable sport and pass time, however there are always safety issues that we as riders all need to keep in mind. Whether you ride at home or at an established site or even go cross country, advice is always helpful from what type of equipment and what to wear through to how to minimise risks from low flying aircraft.  A link to the British Horse Society website for general equestrian related safety and advice can be found on their BHS Advice and Prevention web page here.

The British Equestrian Federation website can be found here: BEF

The Riding For The Disabled Association website can be found here:

The Equestrian Index as a source of information can be found here:

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